Staff STORAG Bag Silver Blue 22L

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Storag is our first ever Official Staff Co. Bag.  

The idea of being a Staff find us a requirement of developing a function and look for anyone working as A staff of the world. The hand carry bag has been seen through out the world, we always appreciate a walk over a hand carry bag making our first bag inspired by this process. A creation of hoping a uniformed multi purpose bag that can be use by any Staff.  Its not at its perfection but just enough that it can be uniquely have its place in the world.

Storag is a 14 placement option design to fully organize a staff in action.   With handy tool or tote bag style or a duffel type bag in a shoulder carry option,  specific tools like hammer creates a need to be hand carry while using shoulder strap for lighter and daily use. Its a size of a laptop bag or twice of a handbag which is not too overwhelming to use for day in and day out.  The height is not too high which maybe a disadvantage if you want to close it down, but also an advantage if you want to see everything.  The width is design to fit in locker rooms with enough room for a day use. We also recommend using multiple Storag to seamless build your storage cabinet with different purpose per bag such as one for gym, one for work and another one for equipments.   The material is waterproof and chosen for tough wear and tear in action.   I believe that’s it,  we’ve been using the bag over a car seat bag, a travel bag, a grocery bag, a coffee outdoor bag and if there’s a time you grow out of it, you can still use it is as a storage bag as it is boxed nicely. Enjoy! We hope to see and know how you will use it around the globe. Recommended with the Staff Multi Belt Pack for an additional closed 6 more pocket that needs more security that you can take on and off.  Laptop Sleeves in 13in can fit on the sides though cannot be closed and remain hand carry.  Should we create another size for this, or another color? Please leave us a note.




  • Height: 9 in
  • Length: 16.5 in
  • Width: 9 in


    • Tone Interior
    • Made of Ripstop Durable Water Proof Exterior
    • 14 pocket slot Total
    • Zipper functionality
    • Twill Strap Included
    • convert-able to handbag, duffel bag, or a 'box' bag.