Staff S4 OnRemote Laptop Sleeve 13-13.5' Tan


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  • Height: 27 cm
  • Length: 37 cm
  • Width: 1 cm


Our First Ever Leather workmanship creates an essential for laptop user in remote and on the go. A focus centered laptop sleeve is design to neatly create a minimalist laptop bag/sleeve.


A work pace that doesn't keep you in one place may need a few more things in hand.  The Easy to pack laptop in a Fine leather sleeves also has a tension holder to be use on additional items that you may bring.  An additional pocket was added to make sure you're all packed to what's only needed for the task. Design for on remote areas in where limited table and space is available. 

  • 4 color ways Tan Brown Black Grey
  • Made of durable Leather, but please do note that
  • 2 pocket slot on front and back pocket
  • 2 zipper open
  • veclro strap on front pocket
  • airport belt strap thats changeable to any regular belt to add your own style to it.